Error Correction (cuz I WANTED to,not cuz I HAD to)

My articles weren’t lost. They were always on (in?) my pendrive. I just wasn’t looking hard enough. Hehe. My bad.
Lesson to be learnt? Write whatever you want to on your blog even if you aren’t sure what you’re writing is accurate information. You can always admit your mistake and apologise later.

Simply beautiful

“The Time Traveler’s Wife is an infection that pleasantly invades your system and refuses to let go of the imagination even after you turn the last of its 518 pages and move on to the next book on your shelf.” -David Abrams

I finished reading Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s wife last night. And I already know it’s going to haunt me forever.

Published in 2003, it’s the best book ever written. (Or maybe not. But it’s my blog,so..)

PS-I’ll try to write a review of the novel as soon as I can. Watch this space, all three of you.

PPS- Thanks, RR. You gifted me a miracle.

Lost and Found

A little while ago, I tried to access some of my articles that I had stored in (on?) my pen drive. I couldn’t find them. They had simply vanished.

I don’t think I like technology so much. Time and again, it has disappointed me by being unpredictable and treacherous, and by cruelly gobbling up evidences of my creative endeavors.

I am also not too sure if lamenting my loss before my folks will help me in any way. They have suffered similar sob stories of mine so often that now they respond to such catastrophes with a tired, “Why don’t you ever create backups?”, or, worse, “This wouldn’t have happened had you bothered to use pen and paper.”

So I turn to my computer. I feel my irritation melt away as I hit one key after another, and see words materialize…again. Filling the pages of my electronic journal acts as a stress buster and a comforting reassurance. Words can’t escape me, not forever. Ha.

So technology isn’t that bad, after all. It might be flawed and quirky and unreliable, but it can do something that even the best of human beings often can’t: resist the temptation to say, “I told you so”.

Harry comes to rescue..again.

“And as soon as you realize that these people are stupid, it doesn’t matter any more. Eddie Izzard has this great line: that generally people who take the piss out of other people hang around in groups of five, because they have a fifth of a personality each. As soon as I heard that line, it made everything a lot easier at school.”- Daniel Radcliffe.

As a school kid,I never came across Eddie Izzard’s quote.I still don’t know who he is.But his words have made my life as an adult a lot easier. Bullies don’t frighten me anymore. They appear funny, foolish, even pitiable.But not scary. I just need to imagine them alone, apart from each other.

I mean,just how intimidating can Crabbe be without Draco and Goyle, or Big Billy without Grubber, Ace, Snake, and the rest of the Gangrene Gang,eh?