Lost and Found

A little while ago, I tried to access some of my articles that I had stored in (on?) my pen drive. I couldn’t find them. They had simply vanished.

I don’t think I like technology so much. Time and again, it has disappointed me by being unpredictable and treacherous, and by cruelly gobbling up evidences of my creative endeavors.

I am also not too sure if lamenting my loss before my folks will help me in any way. They have suffered similar sob stories of mine so often that now they respond to such catastrophes with a tired, “Why don’t you ever create backups?”, or, worse, “This wouldn’t have happened had you bothered to use pen and paper.”

So I turn to my computer. I feel my irritation melt away as I hit one key after another, and see words materialize…again. Filling the pages of my electronic journal acts as a stress buster and a comforting reassurance. Words can’t escape me, not forever. Ha.

So technology isn’t that bad, after all. It might be flawed and quirky and unreliable, but it can do something that even the best of human beings often can’t: resist the temptation to say, “I told you so”.

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