Harry comes to rescue..again.

“And as soon as you realize that these people are stupid, it doesn’t matter any more. Eddie Izzard has this great line: that generally people who take the piss out of other people hang around in groups of five, because they have a fifth of a personality each. As soon as I heard that line, it made everything a lot easier at school.”- Daniel Radcliffe.

As a school kid,I never came across Eddie Izzard’s quote.I still don’t know who he is.But his words have made my life as an adult a lot easier. Bullies don’t frighten me anymore. They appear funny, foolish, even pitiable.But not scary. I just need to imagine them alone, apart from each other.

I mean,just how intimidating can Crabbe be without Draco and Goyle, or Big Billy without Grubber, Ace, Snake, and the rest of the Gangrene Gang,eh?

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